Project Website:  Getting Started in Accessible Alternate Realities

I am not sure why I do this, but I always choose to explore a new type of technology when doing class projects.  For the final project in IST R685, I opted to test-drive Educreations Online Interactive Whiteboard.  This is a free platform for creating lessons to be shared with either a class or the public.  It was a crash and burn on the last lap. 

Educreations is a great concept and I had toyed around with it a fair bit on the iPad before deciding to try a full on project with it. The limitations are in the way that images are uploaded and the lack of any editing features.  Images can only be in JPEG or PNG format, so I needed to save the PPT slides as JPEGs and then individually upload them into Educreations. And this had to be done for each and every recording attempt.  There is no option to edit the sound track.  It is “trash” or “publish.”  So this project was an exercise in frustration.  Each time that I wanted another “take” on the audio, I needed to upload all 17 of the slide images one at a time. 

This project also reinforced my disparaging attitude towards podcasting or videocasting.  The script sounds scripted and I really felt like a nut-case giving it.  This experiment reinforced my penchant for Socratic teaching.  I really felt out of sorts not getting some sort of feedback from the audience regarding clarity and comprehension. 

In the end, I will probably use this tutorial but it won’t be in a “flipped” model like I was going to try.  I will use it live in a synchronous session so that I can see (in the virtual world) that the audience is able understanding the instructions.