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Virtual Ability, Inc.

In the past week I have been noticing that all of the thematic elements are really starting to overlap for me.  Last night, I got the praxis for this theory.  I am exploring the use of Second Life as an enhancement to my developing online intensive English course for graduate students.  In the typical path of academe, I had been researching all about Second Life and the various tools that are available to differently abled populations.  I have two pages of journal articles, blogs, and wki links.  Then while reading for another class on my iPad, I just decided to try out the Pocket Metaverse app that proclaims to be a “mobile version” of various virtual realities.  The app allows users to input their login data and select grids from multiple virtual reality platforms.  Within 30 seconds of inputting my data, I had an IM request from another “resident.”  We chatted for almost 20 minutes and when she found out about my research and my goals, she suggested that I meet the “head” of the Virtual Ability, Inc.