I look through my 4 weeks’ worth of “draft” postings and wonder if my musings remain relevant.  As the daffodils peek through and I have a week free from answering the barrage of “where are the…..?”,  “who has the…..?”  “has……called out sick?” ” what time do we…….”, and “how long does the paragraph have to be?” questions I hope to revisit and reponder some of these drafts.  These five weeks have made me better understand the resistance that many teachers have towards incorporation of technology.  When day-to-day is such a multitude of minutae, technology just does really seem to be “one more thing I gotta deal with.”   Rather than viewing it as a tool for simplifing the tedious and mundane, it becomes one more hurdle towards getting to the weekend. 

Of course, this could be easily solved with a solid development plan.  Although I can’t find it again now, I read a tweeted blog entitled “Bad technology leadership is just bad leadership.”  Effective leadership involves planning for the unplanned.  Technology tools can be an excellent way to make that planning lasting, sustainable and collaboratory.