Today’s digital natives and generationality discussions really helped to provide data for some of my intuitive observations regarding online learning. Boring is boring whether analogue or digital. Dr. Bonk’s decision/whim (doesn’t really matter) to go through the prepared slide presentation in reverse reiterates a key difference in the pedagogical uses of technology. Technology for technology’s sake is not at all an advancement. One speaker at CyberLearning2012 mentioned that (loosely paraphrased) technology can just allow you to bore even more people through greater geographic and time dimensions.

If an instructor is not comfortable with interactivity and chaos in a non-wired learning setting, the electronic dimension really changes nothing. As I was practicing my “continuous partial attention” during the more linear parts of the presentations, I realized that more than anything, the effective use of technology is still premised in the effective use of rather basic communication strategies.

I read Peter Elbow’s Writing Without Teachers in the early 1990s when Web 1.0 was still gopher-ing and ftp-ing at double digit bauds. That has been what has framed how I see the use of learning technologies. In many ways, this isn’t a revolution in any way greater than the ballpoint pen’s liberation from drippy fountains. Effective teachers have always known how to teach digitally and to supplement with relevant enhancements. Technology is just reducing the lag time in the delivery of these various artifacts.