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Last semester I used Blogger and felt like I was finally on the downswing of that learning curve, so I was a little thrown by the missive that we would all be using WordPress in this course.  However, now I think it is a such a great idea.  It was much easier to subscribe to others’  blogs and the time saved in seeking out the various blog locales will be better invested in reflection and critical analysis.

This brings me to my first of many anticipated revelations about the opening of the world.  “If you open one door, close another.”  Part of what keeps educators on the fringes of the technology cyclone is the sheer amount of technology that we are told we could, should, or might be using.  However, if we can help novices sift through these choices and advocate only the best solutions (at the time at least) for various daily needs there may be a greater willingness to take those first steps. 

By having us all working in the same blogosphere, we are able to learn more of the subtle enhancements that work to help us define and negotiate our online identities.